Photo Report

Kerman JKS Kata Team Wins the National Championship

The National Karate Championship and the Qualifying competitions for National Team were held from 4 to 6 of March 2014 having 1500 participants from all over the country...

08:31   3/11/2014

Iran JKS Technical Training Course holds in East- Azerbaijan

The Technical Training Course arranged for senior coaches and Azerbaijani JKS practitioners tutored by Shihan Kayakvos Saeidi, was held in Tabriz, Eastern Azerbaijan.

14:27   1/8/2014

Iran JKS National Championship Holds

The 5th round of Iran JKS National Males Championship was held in Mazandaran Province.

10:31   9/4/2013

The National JKS Sub-branches meet together

Iran JKS domestic affiliation chiefs gathered together in order to practice Junro katas and enjoy a technical training course on 5th of July 2013. Most national representatives were present in the course...

14:17   7/6/2013

Iran JKS Kata Team Placed 2nd

In the National Karate Championship in Saveh

The qualifying round of kata championship was held in Saveh on 22nd of February 2013 where Iran JKS Kata Team managed to stay 2nd in the final round.

08:43   3/4/2013

Shihan Masao Kagawa met with JKS affiliates

Shihan Masao Kagawa: the good faith and will, keywords of JKS Karate

Before the 2nd day of Tehran Training Course, Shihan Kaykavos Saeidi initiated a meeting among 3 middle-east countries which was supported by presence of Mr. Kamal Helou, Lebanon JKS Chief and Middle-East JKS Director.

12:54   2/2/2013

Shuseki Shihan Masao Kagawa in a meeting with I.R.Iran Karate Federation Officials

The Joint Training Camp of Iran and Japan to be held in Tokyo

Shihan Masao Kagawa, the Esteemed Director of JKS Technical Committee, was invited for a meeting with Mr. Alireza Samandar the Iranian Karate Federation President in Act.

12:49   2/2/2013

 کليه حقوق خبری و تصويری سايت متعلق به سبك JKS ايران می باشد.